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Paul Giambarba - Information


Paul Giambarba was Polaroid's first art director and worked 28 years with Polaroid as a designer. Her designs and Polaroid photos were recently exhibited in the Polaroid Festival 2018 in Paris and in Barcelone in 2019. He won many awards including "Gold Medals" from the Art Directors Club of New York as well as Boston, and three consecutive "Certificates of Excellence" for Package Design from the A.I.G.A.

His work has been the subject of articles in Graphis (Zurich); Industrial Design; American Artist; Idea (Tokyo); Relax (Tokyo); Grafik (London); Brand eins (Hamburg) and Communication Arts.

Paul Giambarba was a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated and This Week Magazine, as well as True and Spy Magazines.

Honors and Awards: Gold Medal, Art Directors Club of New Y (...) Read more