21x21 cm / 164 pages
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12 themes. 12 months.
Every month each photographer chooses a theme, one that challenges each other, pushes each artist out of their comfort zone, and generates creative photographic responses to powerful thought starters. This book is dedicated to the unique results generated from each of the artists in the group. More than 300 polaroids !

With Lisa Toboz, Mina Maure, Leanne Surfleet, Lilian Wildeboer, Ina Echternach, Manuela Mela Milani, Penny Felts, Rachael Yates, Ruth Storey, Julia Beyer, Sarah Seene, Anne Silver and Clement Grosjean, Josey Stephen Cary, Cromwell Schubarth, James Allen Eakins, Rocco Carnevale, Wilfried Haillot, Thomas Zamolo, Alix Bérard, Patrick Cockpit, Arne van der Meer, Lukas Brinkmann, Raul Diaz

Amanda Pendlebury, Anthony Stone, Claudio Gamboli, Laurent A, Lela Gruen, Sofia Bucci, Benjamin Joseph Innocent, Cory wilson, Jean-François Flamey, Lukas Taube, Randy Jennings and Matteo Varsi.

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